Best of The Rest

When you tell us what you want for your home, you will get honest feedback and suggestions.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience, and we love to share it with our customers. What should you consider if you are worried about anything that looks best? How do you decide what kind of materials you should buy? What if you envision something that you do not see in the store, can we find it for you? You can count us.

If color schemes, room planning, and furniture shopping sounds too complicated, we can take care of it for you.

When you work with an interior designer, you will sit down and talk about your goals for your home. We will learn about you and your tastes. Then, we will look at your home, the room or rooms you need help with, and we will consider color, size, and style. You will be presented with ideas and options, and you can decide what you like best or what you would rather see. From there, our designer will take care of ordering and can help you with everything from planning wall colors to choosing accessories. Whether you want just a little input or need a complete room takeover, our design team is here to help..